Smart Selective Spraying System

Wee Control – Selective Intelligence

Wee Control Best in class selective spraying system that achieves the highest performance and savings by combining high valve speed and precision in each detection.

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the spraying agriculture business and almost a decade dedicated to research and development of new technologies.

our Team

Pablo Favot

Ariel Brunetto

Gastón Vernaz

Our Priorities

Client satisfaction

A more productive farm

Efficiency and savings


How we can help

  • Our weed detection technology, combined with the shot spraying system, allows for greater precision in application, resulting in increased savings and efficiency in weed control. The system automatically adjusts the dosage per acre regardless of the sprayer's speed.

    The robust 8-inch high-brightness display provides individualized indications for each nozzle and an application histogram. It is integrated with an automatic overlap cut-off system, spray profile validation, visual and auditory alerts, and storage of work performed, both on the equipment and in the cloud.

- Environmental impact

We minimize carbon footprint

Help to save water consumption

We contribute to have a better soil to farm


Cruz Alta, Córdoba, Argentina
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